Luxury transportation

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  • Limousine hire Amsterdam
  • Experienced and discreet drivers
  • The best service, Wi-Fi and complimentary drinks
  • Request a quote or call for more information

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Travel like a VIP, book directly online

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Experience luxury transportation and get taken to your destination in style with ETS’ premium chauffeured taxi cars. We have years of experience with driving CEO’s, executive staff and important clients to their appointments and business events in over 50 countries all over the world.

Travel in style with our luxury transportation services

Arrange a luxury taxi to pick you up from any Dutch airport and let our drivers take you to your business appointment. Our drivers monitor the plane’s arrival time so you will never have to keep waiting. Your taxi has every luxury you need: from complimentary drinks, to screen and high-speed Wi-Fi. This enables you to keep working while enjoying the luxury transportation offered to you.

Only the best for your luxury taxi

When you book luxury transportation via taxi by ETS, you only get the best. Our cars are kept meticulously clean and are replaced every three years to give you maximum comfort. We only use the best licensed drivers for our luxury taxi service. They are trained by law enforcement personnel to guarantee your safety and have signed a confidentiality agreement. Consequently, what happen in the car, stays in the car. So, feel free to make that confidential call.

Request your premium car

Book your luxury transportation to the airport or for a private sightseeing tour online with ETS. Just let us know the desired time and place, and your luxury taxi will be there awaiting you. Or call a member of our staff and they will make the necessary arrangement. You can reach us at +31 (0) 85 488 54 70.

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