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Our operational staff are regularly trained by professional instructors with backgrounds in law enforcement and military expertise. Due to its training, experience and working method, ETS distinguishes itself from other players with our personal security services. That is the main reason why our personal security service is popular with artists, multinationals and dignitaries.

Personal security is becoming increasingly important today with all the threats taking place. Especially for traveling celebrities, multinationals or people who are already been threatened, security is more than necessary. The good thing is that we can transport you, your executives or clients from location A to location B and also provide the security that you need. In this way you are not only transported safely, but you are also protected outside of our cars. Nowadays effective time management is a necessity for running a successful business. Traveling from one meeting to another consumes a lot of time despite careful planning. You can rely on the personal security services from ETS Luxury Driving 24 hours a day. A team of representative, discrete and above all professional chauffeurs guarantees an undisturbed and reliable journey to any destination, both at home and abroad. 

We provide our chauffeurs with all kinds of training facilities, like security awareness training. By providing our chauffeurs with security awareness training, we ensure that our chauffeurs are kept informed of their expertise and continue to develop in the new techniques that are used in this business. Our chauffeurs are trained to ensure that threats are prevented. They see in advance what can be a threat and are well prepared for situations like this. When a threat occurs, our chauffeurs know how to act on it. For example, routes are explored before the customer arrives,  so that our chauffeurs know the locations and routes to which they may be diverting.

We also provide security chauffeurs with special security certificates. This certificates stands for safe, smooth and comfortable driving with an eye for safety risks. Under time pressure, in heavy traffic and via the right road, with an eye for discretion, service and detail. A personal security chauffeur is professionally competent and must also have excellent driving skills and excellent insight. Our personal security chauffeurs are valuable partners who can transport you safely at the best possible level and who is able to act in the right way. And from various disciplines, they look at the risks with one goal: ensuring that you are transported, live and work in the most safe way.

Beside our security chauffeurs, there is also a possibility to provide you with close protection and bodyguards. For more information, please contact us!

Our clients are executives of corporates, artists, politicians, directors and more in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide. These clients enjoy working with ETS for a couple of reasons. First of all, ETS has a versatile fleet of BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz’s not older than three years, equipped with WiFi, complimentary drinks and your desired newspaper. Our chauffeurs are well-experienced, discrete and professional, thereby easing your travel experience even more. The world’s most discerning clients – all prefer outstanding chauffeured transportation services, which shows we are not solely transporting you from A to B, but also focus on making this transport as comfortable as possible. We apply these high standards – and more – to win and more importantly to keep your business.

ETS takes responsibility for the transport from door to door – guaranteeing consistency and quality of service, running the extra mile for our travelers. The latter goes further than just having a car with chauffeur available. We also arrange appointments, bookings and respond to special wishes.


Whether you are in need of chauffeured transportation for yourself, the executives of your company, your clients, suppliers or other stakeholders – ETS guarantees a comfortable, professional and discrete trip. During the trip you keep working with the on-board high speed WiFi and stay refreshed with the complimentary drinks. We guarantee a care-free experience.

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We are extremely happy with our clients and therefore we want to ensure that they receive the best service they can expect from us. Our clients are also happy to work with a partner like ETS. A few of our customers and partners described why they are happy to work with ETS. 


Time is money and that is why we give all our clients on time guarantee. All our cars are 99,9% on time. When our chauffeur is one minute late on location, we will not charge you for the ride. You can easily book online or request a quote. Any other questions? Contact us and we will help you out!

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